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Birthday Math Trick

Birthday Math Trick

Step 1: Add 18 to your birthday month. So if you were born in March, that is the 3rd month of the year - add the number 18 to 3. Step 2: Multiply the result by 25. Step 3: Subtract 333 from the result. Step 4: Multiply the result by 8. Step 5: Subtract 554 from the result. Step 6: Divide the result by 2. Step 7: Add your birth date. So if you were born on the 5th day of the month, add the number 5. Step 8: Multiply the result by 5. Step 9: Add 692 to the result. Step 10: Multiply the result by 20. Step 11: Add only the last two digits of your birth year. So if you were born in 2002, add the number 2. Step 12: Subtract 32940 from the result. The answer should be your birthdate. It will be a six digit number. The first two digits will be the month of your birth, the third and fourth digits, the day, and the last two digits, the year!

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